A lot of us can sometimes focus on the outcome. We say things to ourselves like “I want to be really good” or “feel like this” or “look like this”. We can attach an expectation onto our practice and then judge ourselves to be good or bad based on how we compare to this. So forget what you are hoping to get out of your next class, and enter into it instead with a different thought of “what can I put into the class?”

When approaching your class with this new focus, try not to be self-critical of your practice. Do not judge yourself or your practice, instead observe where you are right now and accept that that is ok.

We will all meet with challenges on the mat either physically or mentally, for our own reasons. We all have our own story that is told in our bodies and plays over in our minds. Through this practice when you meet with limitations, tightness, or discomfort, embrace these challenges as opportunities to offer yourself support and energy. Greet these challenges with a smile, with understanding, support and compassion. This will encourage you to become comfortable with the uncomfortable.

If your thoughts begin to stray into a negative dialogue repeat the following to yourself “This is a moment of challenge, challenge is necessary for progress. May I be kind to myself in this moment and give myself the compassion I need to grow”.