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Jodie's books will help you see the world in a different way... 

The world may be better than the news would have us believe... learn how to see the good in the world and how this will fuel positive change - in your own life and the world around you

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If you can find a better story, you can build a better world 

  • Why do we think that the world is falling apart in the era of the greatest progress mankind has ever seen? Because our worldview is formed by the news. The media is biased towards negativity and sensational. But don't despair, you can change your media diet, and Jodie knows how. Good news at last! 

    - Johan Norberg

    Author of "Progress: Ten reasons to look forward to the future"

  • The news is bad for you. It's time to radically change the production and the consumption of media. Jodie Jackson's brilliant book shows how!

    - Rolf Dobelli

    Bestselling author of "The Art of Thinking Clearly"

  • Jodie makes a compelling case for why we need to question our news diet, and how it distorts the way we see the world. Let's hope her book inspires more solutions news and positive thinking.

    - Lily Cole

    Co-founder of Impossible

You Are What You Read Book Cover

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You Are What You Read

Do you ever feel overwhelmed and powerless after watching the news? Does it make you feel sad about the world, without much hope for its future? Take a breath – the world is not as bad as the headlines would have you believe.

In You Are What You Read, campaigner and researcher Jodie Jackson helps us understand how our current twenty-four-hour news cycle is produced, who decides what stories are selected, why the news is mostly negative, and what effect this has on us as individuals and as a society.

Combining the latest research from psychology, sociology, and the media, Jodie builds a powerful case for incorporating solutions into our news narrative as an antidote to the effects of negativity bias.

You Are What You Read is more than a book; it is a manifesto for a movement. This timely book doesn't ask us to ignore the negative but to also focus on the positive. It shows us how, through our choices, we have the power to improve our media diet, our mental health, and possibly the world.

  • Through the eyes of Little Ruffle, children will learn to see the good in the world! This revolutionary book lays the foundations for conversations about the mental health impact of the news on young minds. A brilliant resource for both parents and educators as it will empower younger generations - this book is the first of its kind.

    - Philippa Browne 

    Deputy head teacher - Langley Park Primary School

  • A beautiful story grounded in the principles of positive psychology, growth mindset and realistic optimism. Perfect for helping little ones to respond to a complicated world with courage, hope and wisdom

    - Dr Mark Williamson

    Director of Action for Happiness

  • "Let’s stop teaching our children to see the world with fatalism and fear.  Little Ruffle is a charming and uplifting story of humanity at its best. It instills the glow of confidence, grounded in reality, that the next generation will need to push human progress along".

    - Steven Pinker

    Author of "Better Angels of our Nature"

Little Ruffle and The World Beyond

Whilst the elders are looking for problems, Little Ruffle goes looking for solutions!

Little Ruffle and The World Beyond is an illustrated children’s book about a little bird who can’t see out of her nest and listens to stories about the world from her elders. As a result, she becomes afraid to fly the nest because it sounds like a bad and scary place. But Little Ruffle soon learns through a heart-warming adventure that the world is filled with beauty, kindness, courage, and brilliance – we just have to know where to look.

“If we want a different story,
We must take a different view,
Climb on my little darling,
I’ve got something to show to you…”

Little Ruffle and The World Beyond is a touching tale of kindness, courage, and triumph. It's a story that encourages children to explore the world with an open heart and mind.

Little Ruffle and the World Beyond Book Cover

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