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In a media driven world, Jodie stands out as the go-to expert for event planners seeking new ways to inspire and empower their audience to develop a more positive, resilient, and empowered mindset.

Through her dynamic presentation and practical strategies, Jodie masterfully bridges the gap between media, mindset and mental health and empowers her audience to build a media diet that fuels positive change - in their own lives and the world around them.

Jodie Jackson Speaking
  • Proven Expertise

    With over a decade of dedicated research and hands-on experience in the impact of news and media on mental health, Jodie brings incredible evidence-based insights to empower her audiences.

  • Engaging Presentations

    Known for her dynamic and compelling delivery, Jodie inspires and engages her audiences from beginning to end, guaranteeing your event’s success.

  • Lasting Impact

    More than just a speech, Jodie provides practical tools and strategies that attendees can implement immediately, leading to improved digital wellbeing and lasting change.

Jodie’s unique blend of expertise, energy and empathy makes her an ideal choice to engage and empower you audience and enhance your event.

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Jodie is an unshakable optimist who champions the transformative power of a positive media diet on mental health..



Tailored Speaking Solutions
For Every Event Requirement

Tailored Speaking Solutions For Every Event Requirement

Jodie’s expertise in digital well-being, media diet and mental health is available through
various formats, each designed to meet your unique event needs:

Jodie’s expertise in digital well-being and mental health is available through various formats, each designed to meet your unique event needs:

Conference Speaking

Elevate your conference with keynote speeches or guest appearances, perfect for inspiring larger audiences.


Offer practical strategies for improving digital habits through hands-on guidance and personalized feedback.


Engage participants across the globe with professional and powerful virtual keynotes, webinars, and workshops.


Extend the conversation on media diet and digital wellbeing to your listeners with Jodie’s insightful podcast discussions.

No matter the format, Jodie’s offerings are designed to leave a lasting impact, providing actionable insights and fostering a more mindful approach to our digital lives.

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Jodie’s Past Speaking Highlights
That Left a Lasting Impact

Watch Jodie’s most memorable talks. 

Featured Speaking Engagements

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“Jodie is a fantastic speaker. She combines energy and passion with strong evidence and leaves the audience feeling hopeful and empowered" - Dr Mark Williamson, CEO Action for Happiness



Unlock The Science of Wellbeing 
through your media diet

Tap into the powerful potential of a positive media diet with Jodie's keynote speeches that challenge, inspire, and transform. Perfect for conferences, corporate events, and educational institutions looking to spark meaningful conversations.


In today’s digital world, we’re constantly bombarded with negative news, endless social media updates, and distracting digital content. This can quietly chip away at your peace of mind, steal your focus, and drain your happiness — often without you even noticing.

The truth is whether you want it to or not, the media will affect you. But you can control how it affects you. 

In this transformative talk, Jodie bridges the gap between your media diet, mindset, and mental health. Drawing from the science of wellbeing, Jodie will guide you through the small but strategic shifts needed to reshape your media diet to transform it from a source of anxiety, stress and distraction into a tool for personal growth, well-being, and peak performance.

Key Takeaways:

  • Combat Negativity: Learn to spot and sidestep the mental traps hidden in your daily newsfeed that drain your joy and fog your focus
  • Curate your Calm: Discover how to break free from the social media scroll and email addiction through a simple "detox drill" that reclaims mental clarity and inner peace.
  • Turn your feed into fuel: The 3 strategies needed to transform your media diet into a resource to build your brainpower, slash stress, and supercharge your happiness.


In our modern-day media environment, we are surrounded by stories of doom and gloom and it can be easy to lose sight of hope. Without realizing it, this shortage of hope is slowly taking away people’s drive, resilience, and capacity for personal growth and professional innovation. 

In this powerful talk, Jodie explores the transformative power of hope and shows how hope is much more than a feel-good emotion -it is a scientifically backed force that can unlock your potential to not only dream bigger but achieve more. Jodie offers practical strategies for cultivating hope from within as well as how leading with hope can inspire your team to overcome obstacles and achieve things that they never thought possible. By the end of your time with Jodie, you will learn how to create a resilient, hopeful mindset and have the tools to create hope in others, inspiring a mindset where even in the hardest times, there’s a path forward filled with opportunities.

Key Takeaways:

  • Bust the myth that crises only cause despair. Discover how, with the right mindset, crisis can become a catalyst for innovation and growth.
  • Learn key strategies for building hope from within and discover how it increases resilience and creativity.
  • Discover the number one reason why your leadership may be inadvertently stifling hope and learn practical steps to foster an environment where hope thrives and drives success.

Jodie's talks provide a roadmap for navigating the complexities of our media driven lives with grace and purpose. Her passion for improving mental health and creating mindset shifts shines through every talk, leaving audiences motivated and inspired to embrace change.

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Danielle Batist



Jodie is a compelling speaker. She connects the dots between positive psychology, mental health and media consumption in a way that is accessible and appealing. On stage, in front of hundreds of people, a classroom full of children or a one-to-one encounter: she cares about the wellbeing of her audiences. She generously shares tools and insights to navigate 24-7 news and social media feeds, and helps you understand how focussing on solutions is a crucial aspect of a more hopeful and joyful way of life.


Dr Mark Williamson



Jodie is a fantastic speaker. She combines great energy and passion with strong evidence-based arguments and inspiring personal stories. If you want someone to grab people's attention, shift their perspectives, raise important questions and leave people feeling hopeful and empowered with new ideas then Jodie is the perfect fit!


Simon Bucknall



Passionate, insightful, empowering and - most of all - optimistic. If you or your organisation seeks a fresh and empowering perspective on how to navigate the challenges of a media-saturated, Information Age, then book Jodie. She helps shift world-views, drive productivity and benefit mental and emotional well-being. Recommended on every level!


Booking Jodie For Your Event
Simpler than you think...

You’ve worked hard to create an incredible event for your audience. I’ll work hard to make sure that I exceed expectations and add value to help make your event an overwhelming success!

Media Literacy Speaker



We will discuss your event theme and desired outcomes for your audience. We will explore which of my offerings may be able to support and boost your agenda. The goal of this call is to make sure I am a good match for your event and to discuss availability and fees.



I'll send you a proposal for review. If we agree to work together, I'll reserve your event date in my calendar.




A few weeks before your event, we'll have a call to go over all the final details, including any special needs your event might have.



I'll create and deliver a powerful message to your audience that aligns with your goals and exceeds your expectations.

Jodie and our team are dedicated to creating memorable, impactful events.

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