Meet Jodie

“I believe that we all have an exciting potential to contribute to our own wellbeing as well as others around us. With a few simple tips and know how, we can have greater mastery over the direction of our lives and take greater pleasure in the adventure. Join me on this journey as I share with you the things that I am thinking, writing, reading and watching and welcome your thoughts too!”

Jodie is a research associate for the Constructive Journalism Project and is completing a Master’s degree in Positive Psychology. Her research has focused on the psychological impact of reading the news, which is available on this site. This was to investigate the current negativity bias in the media and what it is doing to our mental health and world views. Jodie’s research suggests that it is important for our wellbeing to have a balanced media diet and believes news organisation should include news stories of solutions and progress as part of their narrative. Jodie is also a qualified yoga teacher and life coach.