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Jodie Jackson is an impactful author and a innovator in the world of media literacy. Her powerful book, "You Are What You Read: why changing your media diet can change the world" has contributed to a widespread movement towards a more constructive media. Jodie shows how strategic changes in media diet can profoundly influence mental health and societal well-being.

  • Personal Impact: Jodie¬†experienced, first hand, the profound shift in my mental health from changing my media diet. Our information system is polluted, and we need strategies to thrive within it.
  • Audience¬†Impact: Challenges readers to transform their news and media to improve their own life and the world around them.
  • Adapted for Kids: Jodie's kids¬†book "Little Ruffle and the World Beyond" fosters optimism, resilience and a well-informed worldview.
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Jodie is an unshakable optimist who champions the transformative power of a positive media diet on mental health..

Media Literacy Expertise

Inspirational Speaker

Engagement Through Education

Jodie Jackson is recognized globally for her compelling keynote speeches that blend inspiration and evidence based insight to help connect the dots between media, mindset and mental health. Her ability to turn abstract concepts into relatable and actionable knowledge helps engage diverse audiences and creates inspiring impact .

  • Dynamic Presentations: Dynamic Presentations: Delivers keynotes that blend inspiration with actionable insights. Jodie transforms her audiences to develop a more positive, resilient, and empowered mindset through their media.
  • Notable Engagements: Known for talks such as "How to Heal a Broken Worldview" at TEDxLondon. This champions media literacy to not just build a better life, but build a better world.
  • Broad Influence: Continually engages audiences at various global events, promoting deeper understanding and practical changes in media diet and mental health.

“Jodie is a fantastic speaker. She combines energy and passion with strong evidence and leaves the audience feeling hopeful and empowered" - Dr Mark Williamson, CEO Action for Happiness




Leading Media Transformation

As the founder of the News Literacy Lab, Jodie has spearheaded initiatives that build mental health into media literacy. Her programs, especially "Navigating News, Nurturing Hope," equip students with the tools to become reliably informed about the world as well as feel empowered to take action within it.

  • Founder of News Literacy Lab: Created a hub for education and innovation in media literacy, to help young people connect with the world better.
  • Educational Programs: "Navigating News, Nurturing Hope" empowers the younger generation to create a hopeful, empowered and resilient relationship with the world around them.
  • Recognized Leadership: Jodie has contributed to shaping a more constructive media landscape through her commitment, research development and campaigning for constructive news.
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Danielle Batist



Jodie is a compelling speaker. She connects the dots between positive psychology, mental health and media consumption in a way that is accessible and appealing. On stage, in front of hundreds of people, a classroom full of children or a one-to-one encounter: she cares about the wellbeing of her audiences. She generously shares tools and insights to navigate 24-7 news and social media feeds, and helps you understand how focussing on solutions is a crucial aspect of a more hopeful and joyful way of life.


Dr Mark Williamson



Jodie is a fantastic speaker. She combines great energy and passion with strong evidence-based arguments and inspiring personal stories. If you want someone to grab people's attention, shift their perspectives, raise important questions and leave people feeling hopeful and empowered with new ideas then Jodie is the perfect fit!


Simon Bucknall



Passionate, insightful, empowering and - most of all - optimistic. If you or your organisation seeks a fresh and empowering perspective on how to navigate the challenges of a media-saturated, Information Age, then book Jodie. She helps shift world-views, drive productivity and benefit mental and emotional well-being. Recommended on every level!


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‚ÄúBeyond fake news: how to heal a broken worldview‚Ä̬†


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